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Creed Perfume has been established in the market for more than 250 years. All the perfumes it offers, both men's and women's, are produced according to ancient techniques for processing rare materials and from specially selected, unrivalled fragrances. 

Creed perfume - a brand with a long tradition 

The history of the brand dates back to 1760, when a bland James Henry Creed founded the company in London. In the early days, it produced high-quality leather gloves that were supplied to the royal court, among others. 

In 1781, the first fragrance came out of this British man's hand and was called Royal English Leather. This uniquely scented perfume was created for King George III and his court. 

Over time, Charles' descendant Henry began to create perfumes with unique and original scents, which quickly became very popular. Their unique fragrances delighted Queen Victoria, Emperor Franz Joseph and Sir Winston Churchill, among others. Over time, the company's headquarters moved to Paris and the perfumes began to be distributed almost worldwide.

Creed Perfume - perfect for exceptional men and women 

All of the brand's perfumes are made exclusively from high-quality and all-natural raw materials. This company specialises in the production of original perfumes dedicated to both men and women. 

Among the most famous fragrances are Creed Green Irish Tweed and Creed Aventus, with its fruity and musky scent, which were inspired by the life and drama of the great leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

Creed men's and women's fragrances are undoubtedly the essence of luxury, elegance and timelessness. These exceptional fragrances are characterised by the fact that they are very long-lasting men's perfumes. They float from the skin for hours and intoxicate everyone who uses them with their bliss.

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