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Women's Eau de Parfum

We know that women can change. That's why we have put together a range of different Eau de Parfum sets to make her feel fresh, special and above all - comfortable.

Eau de Parfum that refreshes

Our women's eau de parfum is a special set of aromatic fragrances. Each one - regardless of the fragrance combination - is distinguished not only by the complexity of its aromas, but also by its longevity on the skin. What's more, thanks to its light, delicate formula, it perfectly moisturises and cools the skin in summer, when the heat becomes downright annoying. 

A mix of fragrances and aromas

There is something special for every woman in our range. We have both delicate eau de parfum with a refreshing, exotic aroma, as well as more sensual fragrance combinations with a strong rose vibe taking centre stage. Each of our eau de parfum for women is a unique product, the magic of which can be experienced as soon as the flacon is opened for the first time. It's time to choose the right fragrance and... fall in love with it. Well, perhaps it will accompany us for months or even years to come?

All in all, our women's eau de parfum is a unique product, for unique ladies. What's more, our list of fragrances is constantly growing, so that we can adapt it to the needs of our female customers.

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