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Hair Straighteners

The best hair straightener, how to choose?

Thin hair: it's best to look for straighteners with ceramic plates, which distribute heat evenly and gently. Use lower temperature settings, this will minimize heat damage.

Curly hair: here ionic technology is a must, this minimizes frizz.

Thick hair: Larger plates in a hair straightener will save you time and reduce heat damage. Metal plates will provide the best and most durable results.

How to prevent hair damage?

Hair is most brittle when it is wet. This is a valuable tip, so make sure they are completely dry before final heat styling. Wet curls can only withstand temperatures of about 40-60°C, while dry (undamaged) hair can withstand up to about 180°C. It's also a good idea to use a special heat protection spray.

The most important features to pay attention to when choosing a straightener.

Adjustable temperature: this is useful if you plan to use your device for more than just your hair, such as styling your hair for business purposes. Lower heat is best suited for thin hair, while thick or coarse braids may need more heat to be effective.

Ceramic-coated plates: usually have a metal base coated with a ceramic layer, combining the best features of both materials. The outer layer may chip and wear over time, but a good quality model should last at least three years.

Titanium/metal plates: they are certainly more expensive but they heat up very quickly. Improper use can also cause heat damage. We recommend leaving these straighteners on your curls for only a few seconds at a time.

Ceramic plates: they are certainly slower to heat up than other materials, but distribute heat more evenly. They are also cheaper, and more prone to chipping.

Ionic technology: when there is too much positive charge on each strand of hair, they begin to repel each other, making hair electrified. This technology helps neutralize the charge.

Additional accessories: more expensive straighteners may come with additional straightener accessories, such as a heating mat, gloves or a travel case.

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