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Car Perfume

Car perfumes are an essential gadget for all car owners. Their task is mainly to refresh the air and neutralise unpleasant odours inside the vehicle. So what should be the ideal fragrance for the car and what should guide its selection?

What are the advantages of owning a car perfume?

We usually buy fragrances for the car either out of necessity or convenience. Necessity is when we happen to smoke cigarettes in the car. Tobacco smoke is very difficult to remove from the interior of the car because it penetrates deep into the upholstery, carpet and headliner. Admittedly, car fragrance will not remove cigarette smoke, but it will effectively mask it. Of course, other sources of unpleasant car odour can be dampness, spilled products or pets travelling with us. 

In addition to its practical use, car fragrance is also a gadget that influences the appearance of the vehicle interior. An interesting-looking fragrance catches the attention of passengers and decorates the appearance of the dashboard. 

What fragrance for a car?

When choosing a fragrance, you should first of all pay attention to its chemical composition. The safest are natural oils, containing the lowest content of toxic chemical compounds. Of course, the aroma, as well as the appearance of the packaging itself, is an individual matter. It is just worth remembering that the most durable products are those in liquid form - according to the manufacturer, their durability is estimated at around 60 days.

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