Hair Wave

Hair crimpers are similar to popular curling irons

Crimping hair is a method of styling usually straight, long hair so that it undulates, often in a zigzag fashion. This is usually referred to as crimping, but can also be called wrinkles or deep waves.

Crimping is usually achieved by treating the hair with heat from a crimping iron (also often called a hair waving iron) or by braiding the hair, often in multiple strands, and then unwinding the braids after a few hours. A hair crimper has parallel heated plates designed with a flat, repeating S-shaped groove.

Achieving a wavy or corrugated look in hair is actually quite easy - what's more difficult is finding the best hair crimper. That's why on our site you'll find the best hair wavers from well-known and proven manufacturers of hair styling equipment. Our crimpers and hair straighteners make it easy to achieve a range of styles for any occasion.

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