List of products by brand Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein perfumes certainly do not need to be recommended to anyone - ever since they were launched in the 1970s, they have been part of the global perfume canon. Many of the brand's fragrances for men and women have gained cult status - everyone has heard of fragrance hits such as Euphoria or Eternity, and the unisex fragrance CK One is second to none.

Calvin Klein perfume - characteristics 

Certainly the hallmark of the brand's signature fragrances is their very high quality, which, interestingly, is not always reflected in the price. The fragrances are composed from the highest quality ingredients, and this translates into their durability. 

In addition, CK relies on very different, sometimes unusual solutions. By far the most unusual is the aforementioned CK One - a fragrance that appeals to both men and women. Then there is the stunning CK Euphoria, which has already seen many variations, the daytime-perfect Beauty, the elegant Eternity or the dazzling white flower festival Secret Obsession, ideal for confident women who want to captivate with their fragrance.

CK perfume for men

These are not just ordinary fragrances either - just think of the minimalist Truth or the delightfully woody and fruity Escape.

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