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Amouage Meander Eau de Parfum 100ml


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Amouage Meander Unisex Perfume

Discover the joy that envelops you amidst vegetation-covered mountains and murmuring streams. Amouage Meander Eau de Parfum, inspired by the picturesque Dhofar region of Oman, carries just such emotions. A surreal mist, spreading across this lush landscape, takes the form of a fragrance that will enchant you in an instant.

It's a woody composition with powdery and earthy notes, part of the Renaissance collection. Meander, launched in 2020, is a fragrance for men and women who want to find themselves in the unique harmony of nature.

Its fragrance composition spreads an extraordinary story. The aroma of incense - a precious jewel in the world of perfumes - opens this composition, catching your attention from the very beginning and accompanying you throughout. This is one of the finest aromas in the world, collected in the heart of the desert. This is followed by the scent of pepper and the earthy accords of carrot seeds, which after a while combine with notes of iris root, deep smoky ciborium and vetiver. Notes of sandalwood and narcissus add to the overall sensuality and sophistication.

The history of this fragrance is inextricably linked to Oman's southernmost region, Dhofar. It's a place where hot, dry desert alternates with lush, luscious greenery, especially during the monsoon season. This amazing variety of landscape inspired the composer, Mackenzie Reilly. Her masterful combination of deep contrasts takes us on a unique journey, where the Amouage Meander fragrance reveals to us the beauty of nature and the emotions aroused by this magical place.

Amouage Meander is a fragrance that takes us on a journey to the heart of Oman, paying homage to the Dhofar region and inviting us to experience the pleasure and magic that nature offers. The versatility of this composition makes it suitable for both men and women who wish to discover the charm and richness of this extraordinary fragrance.