List of products by brand Dsquared2

Dsquared2 perfume is a men's and women's fragrance that stands out for its interesting floral, oriental additions and woody scents. Importantly, the two fragrance versions - for both ladies and men - form a duo, and the handmade, intricate ash wood flacons in which the fragrances are enclosed make Dsquared2 perfumes look interesting on any dressing table. 

Dsquared2 perfume - for active and daring women and men 

Dsquared2 are strong, powerful fragrances for women and men who live active lives and consistently deliver every day in their daily and professional lives. The strong, sensual perfume adds confidence and allows you to feel even more self-assured. 

The Dsquared2 fragrance is characterised by a strong aroma of juicy exotic fruits and floral notes, among which you can find, for example, lily of the valley and magnolia. It is worth reaching for the seductive fragrance of oriental jasmine and osmanthus, which is very feminine and sensual. The scent of white wood, cedar and ambroxan will also work well for ladies on a daily basis.

The Dsquared2 men's and women's fragrance duo was inspired by the search for a strong, robust scent that works for everyday wear. The brand was launched in 2018 and has since been a popular choice for men and women around the world.

In addition to the perfumes, Dsquared2 women's eau de toilette and shower gels are also worth reaching for, making everyday toileting and bathing an extraordinary experience for body and soul. The products give the skin a beautiful fragrance that lasts for hours and caresses the senses.

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