Perfume with vetiver

Perfume with vetiver

Vetiver is an ingredient very much used in perfumery - fragrances for men and women contain it, including the most popular ones. The ingredient, whose real name is "fragrant vetiver," is a perennial grass that grows in Southeast Asia. The plant has extensive uses, including in traditional medicine, and its leaves are used to create blinds and scented fans. Perfumers, however, are interested in its roots. This ingredient makes perfumes enriched with it not only have a characteristic, unique fragrance, but also.... affect the mood.

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What does vetiver smell like? 

The scent of vetiver roots growing in the ground is very distinctive and, interestingly, complex. Thus, it is not just a grassy scent, and even it is difficult to unequivocally state that a perfume with vetiver has such a character. This "greenness" can definitely be felt more strongly in men's perfumes containing this ingredient. In women's, usually much softer tones of this characteristic scent come to the fore. What are they? They are varied, so perfumes with vetiver can smell very different, and sometimes only a skilled nose is able to recognize the smell of this Asian grass among other notes.

Of course, much also depends on the combination of vetiver with other notes (some will bring out the chypre notes, others - soften its character), as well as on the place of origin of the plant. The earthy scent of grass is just one possible noticeable note, as is the typical woody scent. Smoky notes are also noticeable, giving depth to the perfume, but also.... chocolatey. However, this is a much nobler scent than the typical gourmet fragrance found in perfumes - "sweeteners". Vetiver, which comes from Haiti - the leader country in the production of this ingredient, also often smells like sweet grapefruit, while in other cases it comes to the fore.... saltiness.

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So you can see that perfumes that have vetiver in their composition automatically become unusual and more complex. This, among other reasons, is why this ingredient is so readily used - it helps to make the fragrance changeable, complex and deep, revealing different accents one by one (especially since vetiver can be felt on the skin for quite a long time, even when other notes have already faded away).

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Hermes Terre d Hermes

Mood-enhancing and stress-reducing perfumes

However, vetiver is not only a beautiful fragrance.  An important, from the point of view of users, value of this ingredient is also the fact that it has a relaxing and mood-enhancing effect. So it is worth using perfumes enriched with it in the evening, but also during the day, for example, at work, to reduce the perceived stress.

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