Perfume with musk

Perfume with musk

Did you know that musk is one of the oldest fragrances in the world? Despite the passage of time, it is still very popular as a perfume ingredient, and many people even consider musk their favorite fragrance note. Interestingly, the smell of musk has a beneficial effect on our psyche, relaxes us, puts us in a good mood, additionally gently stimulating. Not surprisingly, it very quickly became an integral part of medicine and aromatherapy. Musk is also considered by many to be a very potent aphrodisiac.perfumy z piżmem

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Why do perfumes for men and women contain musk?

Musk added to fragrances introduces ethereality and sensuality. Importantly, thanks to its addition, fixative properties gain in strength, thanks to which the durability of the perfume in contact with our skin is much longer. It is for this reason that musk is extremely popular and its addition can be found in virtually every fragrance composition. We also associate its scent with clean skin, which is why it is also increasingly added to soaps or salves intended for use with children.

Męskie perfumy z piżmem

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What does musk smell like in perfumes for men and women?

Musk is referred to by many as the scent of pure skin. In itself, it is very intense, but at the same time sensual, slightly sweet and powdery. It can contain spicy and woody accents, which are perceptible by some.

How do we obtain musk?

It was Marco Polo who is responsible for discovering the natural scent of musk. This took place during his journey through Kashmir. The origin of musk is intriguing because real musk, in its entirety, is a substance of animal origin. It is secreted by female Siberian muskrats, usually during the mating season. Musk of natural origin is therefore an extremely valuable substance, which often reaches a higher value than gold. Since 1979, there has been a total ban on extracting musk from animals. The species of Siberian muskrat is threatened with extinction, so it is under protection. However, natural musk has been successfully replaced by synthetics.

Damskie perfumy z piżmem

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Importantly, the musk used in the perfume industry is not only a synthetic substance, but also plant-derived musk is increasingly used. This is no loss, as both substances are characterized by an identical scent. The most commonly used plants for this purpose are angelica litvora, muskwood or musk droplet.

Interesting facts about musk

Ancient traditions surprise us more than once. The situation is the same with musk. According to Arab customs, musk was added to the plaster of which the walls of mosques were to be made. All this was done in order to spread its wonderful fragrance inside the building every time the walls became hot due to the sun. 

The scent of musk is appreciated all over the world and more and more people find it attractive. For this reason, scientists are outdoing themselves with newer and even more perfect essences to capture the scent of natural musk. Perfume with musk is an extremely intense as well as charismatic aphrodisiac.

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