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Perfume Lanvin A Girl In Capri
  • Perfume Lanvin A Girl In Capri

Lanvin A Girl In Capri Eau de Toilette 90Ml


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Lanvin A Girl In Capri women's perfume

The fragrance opens with the essence of magnificent Primafiore lemons. Sparkling, exuding heavenly optimism like the dazzling light of the first rays of sunshine in quiet, narrow streets. The special feature of Primafiore lemons is the extraordinary quality of the fragrance oil prepared from them and the fact that they bloom all year round, filling the streets with their wonderful aroma. Bergamot tries to tame the irrepressible vitality of the citrus prelude, and red pepper with its refreshing audacity successfully hinders it.

The heart note sprays the filigree peculiarity of the often unrecognized white jewel: for when the petals of the grapefruit tree flowers are freshly unfurled, their scent evokes the aroma of neroli, to which they are botanically related. Nevertheless, grapefruit flowers are much more crisp, coquettish and yes, much more elegant. This is an exceptionally exclusive fragrance, with unbridled grace and beauty. Da Capri, a paradise set on the open sea, was created by master perfumer Sophie Labbé as a contrast of filigree chord, reminiscent of the foam of gently agitated water.