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Perfume Ysl Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris
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Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum 90 ml.


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Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris women's perfume

Yves Saint Laurent presents its new women's eau de parfum Mon Paris. A fragrance for modern lovers from around the world, inspired by Paris.

L'Amour fou (mad love) embodies uninhibited feelings and emotions. It is free from all rules, restrictions and judgments. She prefers fleeting romances to permanent relationships. Abandon the rules. Feel the fascination of the world swirling around you, let love unleash your senses and lift you high....

Mon Paris fragrance breaks the rules and changes everything, just like love. It is a perverse reinterpretation of traditional chypre notes. The unusual composition of white chypre consists of two new chords. Datura-a flower that arouses anxiety and excitement. Two types of patchouli. On the one hand, the essence of Guatemalan patchouli, prized for its woody, ambery tone, and on the other, the patchouli heart of the Indonesian variety , known for its warm, spicy accords. Combined with musk , it develops into a unique combination infused with lightness, whiteness and purity. A broken classic. Here is a new, phenomenal chord.

The flacon of Mon Paris perfume pays tribute to the woman, a stylish, uninhibited admirer of rock. The motif of lavalli?res, or the classic bow, is a manifesto of style and passion. It refers to the rectangular form of the women's version of a tuxedo. The thick glass reflects the richness and boldness of the cut of the jacket, while the edges of the flacon are subtly rounded, symbolizing a woman sunk in the arms of her lover.