Top 5 Hair Straighteners: Experts Choice in Ranking the Best Hair Styling Devices

Top 5 Hair Straighteners: Experts Choice in Ranking the Best Hair Styling Devices

Searching the internet for hair straighteners but getting thousands of results and not sure where to start? Don't worry, this ranking and comprehensive guide will answer all your questions about which straightener to buy!

Best hair straighteners - Top 5 hair styling appliances ranking

1. Dyson Corrale 200W cordless straightenerProstownica Bezprzewodowa Dyson Corale 200W

This is the ultimate cordless hair straightener, created by the renowned Dyson company. It is an innovative device that offers the perfect combination of performance, precision and hair health.

The Corrale 200W straightener features unique Flexing Plates technology, which consists of flexible heating plates. These plates adapt to the shape and thickness of the hair, which minimises pressure on the strands and reduces the risk of damage. This ensures hair is heated evenly, allowing for fast and effective straightening without the need for repeated pulling.

The device operates at 200W, allowing the right temperature to be achieved in a short space of time. The temperature options are varied, allowing the user to adapt to their hair type and styling preferences.

The Dyson Corrale 200W has also been designed with hair health in mind. With temperature control and heat optimisation technology, the risk of overheating and damaging hair is minimised, helping to keep hair healthy.

All in all, the Dyson Corrale 200W is an advanced straightener that combines innovative technology, performance and hair protection to offer the user the ability to create beautiful, smooth hairstyles without the risk of damage.

2. BaByliss 9000RU cordless straightenerProstownica do Włosów Babyliss 9000RU

This is an innovative hair straightener that offers mobility, convenience and advanced technology, allowing users to style without the constraints of cords.

This unique cordless hair straightener has been created by the BaByliss brand, known for its high quality hair appliances. Its main feature is that it does not need to be connected to a power source thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery.

As a result, the BaByliss 9000RU gives users freedom of movement and allows them to style anywhere without the need for access to an electrical outlet. Ideal for use at home or on the go.

The hair straightener is equipped with advanced heating technology to quickly reach the right temperature. With different temperature settings, you can tailor the straightening to your specific hair type and minimise the risk of damage.

In addition, the BaByliss 9000RU can be fitted with ceramic or titanium plates, which are gentle on the hair and help to achieve smooth, shiny results.

The intuitive control panel allows you to select the temperature and control the appliance. The BaByliss 9000RU cordless straightener is also ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

All in all, the BaByliss 9000RU is an innovative cordless hair straightener that combines mobility, advanced heating technology and ergonomic design, allowing users to style their hair anytime, anywhere with ease and comfort.

3.Remington Keratin Protect S8598 hair straightenerProstownica Remington Keratin Protect S8598

This very good straightener from Remington stands out with advanced features and technology designed to keep your hair healthy, smooth and beautiful while straightening.

One of the main strengths of this straightener is the Keratin Protect technology, which is based on the advanced coating of the ceramic plates with a layer of keratin - a natural component of hair. As a result, straightening your hair with this straightener helps to protect your hair and keep it looking healthy, minimising the risk of damage and dryness.

The Remington Keratin Protect S8598 straightener offers adjustable temperatures, allowing you to adjust the settings to suit different hair types and styling preferences. The wide temperature range allows for gentle straightening of fine hair and effective styling of thick strands.

The device is also equipped with an auto shut-off function, ensuring safety in case you forget to switch off the straightener. The quick heat-up function reduces the time you have to wait for the device to be ready for use.

The Remington Keratin Protect S8598 straightener also has a long heating plate, making it easier to style larger strands of hair and speed up the straightening process.

The design of the straightener is ergonomic and the long cable gives freedom of movement when styling. The straightener is easy to use and the easy-to-read LED display lets you know the current temperature setting.

All in all, the Remington Keratin Protect S8598 is an advanced hair straightener that uses keratin technology for protected and healthy looking hair during styling. It is perfect for keratin hair straightening treatments. It offers adjustable temperature, fast heating and an ergonomic design, making it an effective tool for creating beautiful and smooth hairstyles.

4. Remington PROluxe S9100 hair straightenerProfesjonalna prostownica do włosów Remington PROluxe S9100

The Remington PROluxe S9100 hair straightener is packed with advanced technology, features and performance to help you create beautiful, sleek hairstyles.

One of the main strengths of this straightener is the advanced OPTIheat technology, which ensures even and optimal heat distribution on the ceramic plates. This makes straightening more effective and longer lasting and protects the hair from excessive heat.

The Remington straightener offers a wide temperature range so you can adjust the settings to suit different hair types. You can straighten fine strands gently or style thicker strands effectively.

The ceramic plates are elongated, making them easier to work with when styling longer strands. The plates also have a special coating to protect the hair from damage and dryness.

The Remington PROluxe S9100 straightener also has a turbo heat function, so it is ready to use in no time. In addition, the automatic switch-off function ensures safety if you forget to switch it off.

The straightener is ergonomically designed and the digital display allows easy control of the temperature settings. The long cord gives you freedom of movement when styling.

All in all, the Remington PROluxe S9100 is a professional hair straightener that combines advanced technology with comfort. With its OPTIheat function, wide temperature range and additional features, this hair straightener allows you to create elegant and professional hairstyles while caring for the health of your hair.

5.BaByliss PRO BAB2072EPE Sleek Expert hair straightenerBaByliss PROBAB2072EPE

A professional hair straightening and styling tool from the respected BaByliss PRO brand. This straightener combines advanced technology, precision and performance to provide users with superior styling results.

The BaByliss PRO BAB2072EPE Sleek Expert hair straightener was designed with professionals in mind, yet it can also be used at home. Its main feature is the advanced EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0, which involves applying an epithelizing coating to the heating plates. This innovative technology ensures exceptional durability, smoothness and uniform heat distribution across the surface of the plates.

The plates of this straightener are longer and narrower, which makes it easier to work on styling both long and short hair. The straightener allows even pressure on the strands, which translates into efficiency and precision in styling.

The BaByliss PRO BAB2072EPE Sleek Expert offers adjustable temperature, allowing you to adjust the settings for different hair types and styling preferences. The temperature selection is shown on an easy-to-read digital display.

The device is equipped with fast heating, so it's ready to use in no time. In addition, the straightener can be used for both straightening and creating gentle waves or curls.

The ergonomic design of the straightener makes it comfortable to use, and the long, rotating cord allows you to maneuver freely while styling.

All in all, the BaByliss PRO BAB2072EPE Sleek Expert is a professional hair straightener that uses advanced EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 technology to ensure durability and efficiency during styling. With its adjustable temperature, convenient design and the ability to create a variety of hairstyles, this hair straightener will be an indispensable tool for both professionals and those who care about the perfect look of their hair.

A brief history of hair straighteners

Although hair straighteners may seem like a modern device, they have been a commercially available product for more than 100 years. As early as 1876, Frenchman Marcel Grateau used hot metal rods to straighten or curl hair. However, the first patent for this type of device came from the United States, when Simon E. Monroe patented a metal comb that acted as a straightener in 1906. 

Shortly thereafter, in 1909, Issac K. Shero invented another type of hair straightener consisting of two rods that were heated and joined together, compressing a section of hair in the middle and thus straightening it. These were the first hair straighteners more similar to the ones we know today. Models have since improved from this basic design, and with the advent of electric heating elements, using heat to straighten hair has become much easier.

Najlepsza Prostownica do włosów

How are hair straighteners built?

For a rigorous and thorough analysis, we need to start by understanding how hair straighteners and each of their components work. Hair straighteners consist of two heating plates, two heating elements, two clips connected by a hinge and a cable. Often there is also an LCD display on the body of the hair straightener, but this is not always the case.

Hair straightener heating plates

The heating plates are the most important part of the hair straightener, since they are the own ones that come into direct contact with the hair. Until a few years ago, they were made of metal, such as copper or steel with some kind of coating. With these types of straighteners, the hair was easily damaged because the heat was not well regulated, and as a result, the creatine in the hair suffered, causing weakened and brittle hair. Nevertheless, decent ceramic-coated and titanium-coated and blended hair straighteners have been on the market for about 10 years, and have revolutionized the industry.

Heating elements

Another important part of the hair straightener is the heating elements, responsible for converting electricity into heat. The right temperature of the hair straightener is crucial, because if it is too low, it will not be possible to straighten the hair, and if it is too high, the hair will be severely damaged. 


The third component of the hair straightener is the tongs/ tongs, which are connected by a hinge, thus creating a lever that allows you to hold the straightener with one hand and exert enough pressure to straighten the hair easily. For this reason, they should be made of durable material. Their design is also important, because the wider they are, the more difficult it is to use the hair straightener as a curling iron.


The last element present in any hair straightener is the cord. Although it may seem like a simple element, since it only conducts electricity, it is the first detail to pay attention to when analyzing whether or not a hair straightener is of good quality.

The length of the cord is extremely important. A long cord indicates that it is a hair straightener designed for professional hairstyling, as it allows you to move around easily and reach out without restriction.

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Hair straightener heating plate materials

In recent years, the vast majority of hair straighteners are based on these 3 materials:

  • Ceramic
  • Titanium.
  • Coated or mixed

Which of these materials is the best? In fact, there is a lot of debate among professionals on this topic. Ceramic has a long tradition, followed closely by titanium. There are also more innovative coatings. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, as you will learn later in this post.


Ceramic hair straighteners are probably the most widely used these days. But what are the characteristics of ceramics? Ceramic is any inorganic material, metallic or non-metallic, obtained by heat treatment. It is a material that maintains a stable and uniform temperature throughout the plate, without hot spots that can damage the hair. Its main disadvantage is that it is not a very resistant material and deteriorates with use, until it can eventually break.

  • A word of warning: beware of lower-end straighteners that are advertised as ceramic. They sometimes have a metal core coated with a thin ceramic layer and are not as good as pure ceramic.


Titanium tiles have been on the market for less time than ceramic tiles. Titanium is a precious metal, resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion caused by many styling products.

Its good thermal conductivity makes it easier to use ionic technology than ceramic, and it is more durable and resistant to wear and impact. However, thermal conductivity can also become a disadvantage, causing overheating and damage to the hair if it is fragile, or if you are not very skilled at using a straightening iron.

Coated or blended

There are straighteners that include a coating on the plate that improves certain aspects. For example, there are plates with tourmaline, which releases negative ions to remove static electricity from the hair. Others have a keratin coating that enhances the smoothness of the hair. In general, ceramic is the base for most of these add-ons. 

Below is a comparison table of the three main materials: ceramic, titanium and tourmaline-coated ceramic, which together make up the vast majority on the market.





Thermal conductivity Good Excellent Good
Plate temperature uniformity Very good Very good Good
Temperature control Very good Very good Very good
Ease of use Beginner level Intermediate level Beginner level
Hair type All Tough and resilient All
Durability of the straightener Average High Average
Average price All ranges Upper-middle range Upper-middle range

What features should you consider when buying a hair straightener?

Temperature regulation

By temperature control, we mean whether the straightener has a system for manually modifying the operating temperature or simply operates at a fixed temperature.

It is important to analyze how your hair reacts to straightening to determine whether you need a temperature control function. In general, for normal hair, a temperature of 180-190°C is more than enough to straighten without damaging the hair. However, if you have very fine hair or, on the other hand, very thick and unruly hair, you may benefit from buying a temperature-controlled straightener. In the first case by lowering the temperature to about 160-170 ºC, and in the second case by raising it to 200 degrees or more.

  • Note: when testing the temperature your hair can handle, try the lower temperature first and increase it in subsequent sessions. It's better to make a few extra strokes than to overdo it and burn your hair.

Temperature control

Wait a minute, didn't we mention this already? No! By temperature control we mean the technology used by the hair straightener to maintain the same temperature on the heating plate while straightening the hair.

But why is this important? Because if the straightener does not read the temperature of the entire plate when it comes into contact with a strand of hair, there may be parts that generate more heat than others, depending on the pressure applied and the density of the strand at that point on the plate. And if the temperature is not balanced, there are two possible scenarios: either the hair will not be straightened effectively, or it will be overheated and damaged.

That's why it's good if the straightener has temperature control sensors. It is not essential, but a good quality straightener should have it. 

Ionic technology: which hair straightener to choose?

This feature is by no means essential, but it can be a plus if you tend to accumulate static electricity in your hair, which causes the dreaded "frizz" effect that occurs when hair repels itself due to electrostatic interaction between charges. There are two main types of ionic technology:

  • Plate material
  • Generation of active ions

As we have already mentioned, there are plates with a coating, made of tourmaline, which directly generate negative ions. This means that the material generates an electric field when heated, after which the charge is transferred from the material to the hair during straightening. This counteracts the positive charge that the hair gets during drying and styling, eliminating the frizz.

In addition to the straightener material itself, there is another type of ionic technology called active, which means that the straightener has a built-in negative ion generator that activates when the straightener's tongs close. The main disadvantage of this technology is that it usually makes a buzzing sound, which can be annoying for some people. In any case, do not rely too much on this aspect when choosing a hair straightener. It is an add-on rather than the main point.

Straighteners with wet hair straightening function

Traditional straighteners must be used on dry hair. This is because water boils at 100°C, and any straightener operates at a much higher temperature (165°C minimum). If you run a hot straightener over wet or damp hair, the water will boil almost instantly, and this is not very healthy for hair.

However, in the last few years, irons with a "Wet&Dry" function have appeared on the market, which supposedly work equally well on dry or wet hair. However, we advise you to be careful and always try to straighten on dry hair, as this is the safest option.


Other aspects to consider when choosing a good hair straightener

Ergonomics of the handles

This point is often overlooked, but it is no less important. When choosing a hair straightener, you should think about the ease of use. The handle should be neither too small nor too large in relation to the size of your hand. Most manufacturers of mid- and high-end hair straighteners take this aspect into account, but more basic hair straighteners can fail in terms of ergonomics.

Rounding the ends to create curl

Some straighteners have rounded or slotted ends, making it easier to create waves or curls. While the results won't be as good as those of appliances designed specifically for this purpose, having this feature will increase the versatility of the straightener for those occasions when you want to change your look.

Most manufacturers of straighteners already take this into account, and they are often designed with rounded edges, precisely to facilitate waving. Keep in mind, however, that the main function of a straightener is straightening. If you want to curl or wave your hair regularly, it's better to choose a different type of product, such as a curly hair brush.


This depends on both the length and thickness of your hair, as well as what you want to use the device for. Standard straighteners are 20-30 cm long and have a heating plate about 1.5-2.5 cm wide and 9-12 cm long. This size is suitable for most women, but if you have very thick, long or voluminous hair, you may be interested in a straightener with a wider plate. On the other hand, if you have short hair or just want to finish the ends or bangs, a straightener for short hair will be a good option. Weight is variable, but a straightener weighing more than 650 grams is considered heavy.

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