Experience what the new Armani Code Parfum men's perfume smells like Review

Experience what the new Armani Code Parfum men's perfume smells like Review

Armani Code is a classic men's fragrance collection that has won fans around the world. One of the newest fragrances to the collection is Giorgio Armani Code Parfum. Launched in 2022, it retains the same aromatic and woody notes as Eau de Parfum, but in our opinion is more durable. Armani has made several improvements, aimed in a more sustainable direction, such as responsible sourcing and a refillable flacon format.

The most intriguing update, however, is the introduction of a new heart of iris, which refreshes the traditional rich, earthy tones of Armani Code. The heart of iris adds complexity and seduction, combining sweetness and hardness.

Armani Code Parfum

Perfume for men Armani Code Parfum smells like....

This is a captivating fragrance composition of fresh aromas and cozy woods, with tart fruits and sensual, earthy tones. It opens with a refreshing zing of bergamot, using a blend of bergamot facets, including vert de bergamote, specially chosen to intensify the green feeling of freshness as the perfume dries.

The magic of the fragrance unfolds in the heart, where clary sage creates the dominant aromatic tone; it's a hint of sweetness, a little musk . Then striking notes of iris (resinoid and aldehyde) come into play; some of the iris is natural, and some was created specifically for Code to add a soft, powdery, floral softness amidst the powerful aromatic tones.

The base notes are a classic Code scent - tonka bean and cedarwood create an instantly recognizable, rich, earthy trail.

Perfumy Armani Code Parfum

Men's Armani Code Parfum - Our review

Armani Code Parfum is a fragrance that the brand describes as a revolution in men's aromas. The infusion of powerful and seductive Tonka bean with delicate iris, sage and bergamot creates a woody-aromatic blend that is long-lasting and uniquely distinctive. This fragrance speaks to men who want to experiment with new codes of masculinity, expressing their confidence in a sophisticated and authentic way.

After the first spray, you can feel a clear resemblance to Luna Rossa Ocean. The main fragrance notes are sage, and iris, but lack the suede and caramel notes found in Ocean. However, the tonka bean adds a slight sweetness and smoothness to the mix, giving this fragrance a great cooler freshness.

The bergamot is absolutely sensational here, giving an effervescent and juicy impression that lingers on the skin for a long time. The citrus note tends to fade in colognes, but in this case the fade is pleasant.

The iris note has a soft powdery scent, but is not heavy. With the combination of sage and aldehydes, the iris has a cooler feel throughout the fragrance. This fragrance is clean, simple and easy to wear. It has above-average projection and longevity in the 7-8 hour range, making it ideal for wearing most of the year. Armani Code Parfum is a fragrance that feels subtle but distinctive, with an elegant and sophisticated aroma.

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Elegant flacon of Armani Code Parfum

The Armani Code Parfum bottle is designed as a unique, rounded, square shape. It is refillable, demonstrating Giorgio Armani's concern for the environment. In its elegant, striking black form, enhanced with sensual accents and silver accents, it is a beautiful object, designed to be enjoyed for days.flakon męskich perfum armani code parfum

Price, product reviews

Depending on the chosen capacity, of course, the price of the fragrance depends on it. For example, the capacity of 50 ml is the cost of about 550 zł. On the other hand, for an environmentally friendly, refillable package is an expense of about 840 PLN. This excellent fragrance comes at a price. It is worth waiting for bargains and various promotions to save a little. If you don't have an idea for a gift for a loved one, it's worth taking an interest in this fragrance, as ordering this product can bring a smile to the recipient's face. User reviews of this fragrance are overwhelmingly positive.

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