What should you know about luxury perfume brand Lancome?

What should you know about luxury perfume brand Lancome?

Beautifully scented women's perfumes even add to their attractiveness. Women sprayed with them can feel more confident. The choice is now enormous, but Lancome perfumes deserve special attention. They offer original fragrance blends and beautiful flacons that catch the eye. They come in both classic and modern versions.

If you are looking for a perfume that combines elegance and luxury, then you should definitely look no further than the products of the famous Lancome brand. Women all over the world reach for them and praise them highly. So it's time to find out for yourself what their appeal is.

The history of the French perfume brand Lancome - from inception to takeover

The Lancome brand is primarily associated with cosmetics, elegant perfumes. Its origins lie in the 20th century. It was created in 1935 with the aim of building the power of the French perfume industry. If anyone wonders where the name of the now popular perfume comes from, it is derived from a French chateau, but has been slightly modified. The characteristic symbol is the rose, a flower that grows not far from the fortress.

Lancome Poeme Tester

It only took a few months for the Lancome brand to emerge, and everything was done at an express pace. Timeless and unique formulas were developed, with extreme care. Decades have passed and you can still buy products based on the original formulas. Lancome is responsible for the creation of airtight flacons from which the contents do not spill. This enabled ladies to keep their favourite perfumes with them at all times, i.e. in their handbag.

Airtight flacons were a real hit in the 1950s, allowing the brand to stand out from the competition. It was Lancome that pioneered the production of perfumes in the form of pendants. At the time, it was something unavailable and innovative. The Lancome brand owes its greatest fame to its top perfume, La Vie Est Belle. Other bestsellers include L'Eau de Toilette, L'Absolu and Eau Legere. The first fragrances, however, are Tendre Nuits, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre and Tropiques. 

Perfume Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Unfortunately, despite its many achievements, the Lancome brand was sold off to the very well-known Loreal concern, which still manages it today. Despite these changes and the passage of time, Lancome perfume is still considered a luxury product, which is not only popular with celebrities. As it has been present on the market for many years, even before the outbreak of the Second World War, it has created a huge number of fragrances for men and women during its existence.

Which Lancome perfume to choose?

Whichever Lancome perfume someone chooses, they can count on unique fragrance compositions. Carefully selected ingredients are used in their production. One can speak of an extraordinary longevity, a captivating aroma that remains on the skin for a long time. Despite the relatively high price for a small flacon, Lancome luxury perfumes are worth being tempted by.

They are well worth it, you only need a small amount to smell beautifully for many hours. No wonder they are among the best perfumes in the world. Even the most demanding people will be satisfied. The presence of essential oils in the perfumes is responsible for the beautiful fragrance, and they are further enhanced with fixatives. As the choice is huge, it is advisable to choose them according to your personality, your preferred style.

Lancome perfumes can be recommended to anyone who likes to surround themselves with luxury. They will be suitable both for important outings, party nights and everyday wear. It is also a proven gift idea for a loved one. Lancome Idole, a floral-chypre perfume, is quite popular. You can count on a very feminine fragrance, enclosed in the world's thinnest flacon.  In the perfume you can clearly smell bergamot, rose, jasmine, vanilla, cider and patchouli. It will be a suitable fragrance composition for casual and office styling.

Perfume Lancome Idole

The Lancome Miracle perfume is also worthy of special mention, as it stimulates and energises. If one is an optimistic, joyful person, it is worth opting for this fragrance. It is particularly suitable for spring and summer. The composition is based on freesia, lychee, magnolia, pepper, ginger, jasmine, mandarin, musk and amber. The dominant fragrance notes will enchant almost anyone.

Perfume Lancome Miracle

Lancome perfumes in different guises

A relatively newly released perfume by Lancome is La Vie est Belle Intensément in a very stylish flacon. The unique fragrance is made up of raspberry, pink pepper, bergamot, orange blossom heliotrope, jasmine, vanilla, iris, patchouli and sandalwood. It is a very intense and deep composition. Fruity and floral notes dominate. It would be a sin not to test the iconic line of fragrances. It will be an ideal option for joyful women who appreciate life and want to fulfil their dreams.

Perfume Lancome Tresor

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