What are men's perfume testers?

What are men's perfume testers?

Perfumeries have testers of men's perfumes on offer, which make it possible to test the fragrances before buying the full-priced product. As you know, perfumes from reputable brands in their original packaging do not come cheap. You never know exactly what is in the flacon unless you check it yourself. To this end, testers have been developed to counteract misguided purchases.

For many people, they will also be an alternative to the original perfume. It is worth finding out a little more about testers, how they differ from traditional flacons and what advantages they have.

What are perfume testers and what is their function?

Some people mistakenly think that perfume testers are the same as samples. However, this is not correct. Testers and samples are different products. If someone wants to get acquainted with a fragrance at home, the ideal option would be to ask for samples, which are free of charge. Their capacity is only a few millilitres. The situation is slightly different with testers, whose capacity varies from 30 to even 100 ml.

Armani Code tester

Manufacturers market these primarily to test whether the consumer will like the fragrance. Testers have ordinary flacons and packaging, nothing distinctive. More often than not, they are not meant to be bought, they are only used for demonstration. Of course, it is possible to buy perfume testers on the Internet, in online shops and auction sites. They are sold in non-original packaging, grey, white or brown.

Men's perfume testers tempt with their affordable prices. However, these are not because they are of inferior quality. As the manufacturer does not incur the costs of producing designer flacons, fancy packaging and original stoppers, this translates into attractive prices for consumers. Testers are primarily used for market research. If interest in the new fragrance grows, it moves on to creating original flacons, developing the image.

Unfortunately, this translates into increased production and distribution costs, so the price of the perfume goes up. The tester is primarily used to allow customers to try a fragrance. Without this, it is difficult to make a purchase decision, because you never know whether a perfume will really appeal. It is therefore a way of reducing consumer returns.

Dolce Gabbana Intenso tester

Are testers of men's perfumes the same as the original products? How do they differ?

Some people accuse perfume testers of having more intense fragrances than the original products, they also stand out for their greater longevity. However, this is not true. Manufacturers are not allowed to offer products that differ from testers. The composition must be identical in both cases. Fraud would be quickly verified, so there is no point in taking the risk.

For a brand to use fraudulent practices would be a huge image blow. Nor would any manufacturer incur the additional costs of creating a second production line dedicated exclusively to testers. You can therefore be sure that the original product is no different from the tester.

In the testers' favour is their affordable price. You can save at least several dozen PLN on the purchase of a product. Most often the original perfume is twice as expensive, which makes a huge difference. This is definitely a better solution than buying fakes from an unverified source with suspicious content. Of course, a tester is not suitable as a gift, but for personal use it will be an economical solution. Testers differ from original perfumes primarily in their packaging. You cannot count on striking flacons, beautiful boxes or colourful bottles.

Tester Balmain

Testers do not stand out in terms of appearance, because they are not used to build an image, brand recognition. They are not used for promotional purposes. If you are just at the stage of finding the perfect perfume for you, it is worth starting with testers. You can enjoy a beautiful fragrance and save a lot of money at the same time.


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