What are women's perfume testers and what function do they serve?

What are women's perfume testers and what function do they serve?

Perfumes are reached for in order to smell good. With their help you can express yourself, your style and preferences. It is important to choose the right fragrance, even the season matters. In summer, the choice falls mainly on light perfumes, refreshing, floral and citrus, delicate. On the other hand, with the arrival of cool days, heavy, intense fragrances dominate. Strong notes are in demand among both men and women. The perfume industry is booming all the time, with new fragrance compositions appearing regularly. Before choosing a particular perfume, it is worth testing it.

What are women's perfume testers?

All you have to do is go to the drugstore, then go to the perfume section to see on the shelves various bottles that are testers. They are sprayed on the wrist or blotter so that you can test how a particular perfume smells. The testers are provided by the manufacturers and are designed to encourage purchase. You cannot, of course, take out the originally packaged perfume to verify that you will like it. However, most people do not want to buy a perfume without even knowing what it smells like.

It may turn out to be unsuitable for someone, too strong or bland. After all, everyone has their own preferences. For this purpose, women's perfume testers were created to prevent misguided purchases and customer dissatisfaction. In view of this, it is possible to check the fragrance before purchasing a full-fledged product. Testers in stationary stores are not for sale, anyone can use them to make the purchase decision easier.

If someone is shopping online, he can choose to buy testers, they are relatively cheap compared to full-priced products. If someone is looking for a new fragrance for himself, wants to try something different, it is worth opting for such a solution. It should be noted right away that testers of women's perfumes do not have original packaging, they are sold in replacement boxes, ordinary, cardboard boxes. Perfume manufacturers send testers to the store that sells their products.

It is not uncommon for large discount stores to sell returned perfumes as testers at very bargain prices. This benefits both parties, customers and retailers. The returned product can no longer be sold as new due to the stripped foil and minimal wear. However, they are still original perfumes, which work well as testers.

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Women's perfume testers have more intense fragrances than the original products?

Some people claim that women's perfume testers have more intense fragrances that last longer than the purchased perfumes. This raises the question of how much truth there is in this. It is worth knowing that exposing perfume flacons to artificial light and sunlight has a negative effect on their contents. Various transformations in the liquid are formed, its molecules are broken down.

It is important to remember that testers are on the shelves for a long time, so the content can not be the same as in the original product, tightly packed. Tester products will therefore be characterized by a higher concentration of base notes. The alcohol contained in the perfume evaporates gradually, so the fragrance changes, becoming more intense. Indeed, it is safe to say that it is different from what you smell only after opening the flacon.

In the case of unpopular perfumes, testers are replaced relatively infrequently, and can be on drugstore shelves for many months. So it is not surprising that a change in fragrance occurs. Therefore, one should expect that it will be different from what one smells after opening the purchased perfume, wrapped in foil, which has not yet had access to air and light.

This can also be observed when the perfume is slowly consumed. Over time, their scent changes. Perfumes mature, which many people do not even realize. So it's not surprising that a particular fragrance may even stop appealing over time. Another issue is that the perfume formula changes despite using the same name for years. Consumers usually don't know this, but they can sense the differences.

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