Ariana Grande Moonlight perfume is a perfume for the young coquette

Ariana Grande Moonlight perfume is a perfume for the young coquette

Women's perfume is a luxury product that makes every woman feel special, beautiful and confident. Recently, Ariana Grande perfume has become popular. The entire line consists of several perfumes. The rich selection means that every woman will find something for herself.

Perfume from Ariana Grande

She is an American actress, pop star and singer. She has created her own line of perfumes with which she identifies herself. Ariana Grande perfume signifies the star's full energy and will to live. The perfume's scent is reminiscent of daydreaming and unlimited possibilities. The fragrance of the perfume is therefore enchanting. The women's perfume is sold in glass bottles with a unique shape that refers to the fragrance.perfumy ariana grande moonlight

Perfume Ariana Grande Moonlight

It was created in 2017 and quickly gained popularity. It is a fragrance designed for a young coquette. A woman who seduces with her senses. When sprayed, the fragrance resembles fresh and captivating currant and juicy plum. Then, the scent of sweet marshmallows and ripe peony is released. Finally, the fragrance is completed with the scent of sandalwood, vanilla and notes of amber. The women's perfume is housed in a glass bottle glittering and shimmering with shades of purple, which symbolize the light of the moon - hence the name MOONLIGHT.

Perfumy Moonlight od Ariany Grande

The head note is plums and currants. The heart note is peonies, marshmallows. While the base note is vanilla, sandalwood and ambergris. It should be noted that this perfume does not have many harmful substances such as: plastic, paraffin, acetone, ammonia.

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