The best men's perfume for a gift. Ranking Top 7 perfumes for him!

The best men's perfume for a gift. Ranking Top 7 perfumes for him!

Tastes vary, about this no one should have any doubt. As a result, buying perfume can be a kind of risk, which fortunately can be minimized. How? Just go for proven fragrances, loved by a wide range of men around the world. This is the best chance that the chosen gift will turn out to be an apt and valuable gift.

What to keep in mind when choosing the best perfume for a gift for a man?

Choosing a perfume with the knowledge of what fragrance notes the gifted man likes will be very easy. The same applies to knowledge of favorite brands. What about in the case when we absolutely want to give a man a perfume, but we do not quite know what the recipient likes? 

In this case, the task is not easy, which does not mean that it is also impossible to achieve. To make the gift successful, it is worth approaching the choice with care and after thinking about several important issues. In addition to the scent itself, you should also pay attention to the intensity of the perfume, its durability and high quality. When buying a fragrance in a drugstore, a good solution will be to use testers.

1. Hugo Boss Boss Bottled

Hugo Boss BottledHugo Boss Boss Bottled is one of the most well-known and appreciated fragrances by men around the world for more than 20 years. The fragrance is very deep, with woody notes. Although it is quite intense, it is not overpowering and unpleasant to the sense of smell, with a noticeable aroma of plum, mahogany, geranium, bergamot, clove, cinnamon, sandalwood, cedar or oakmoss.

2. David Beckham Collection

David Beckham Infinite AquaThe David Beckham Collection is a perfume created through a collaboration between the famous soccer player and Coty. It is not the first fragrance presented by David Beckham, however, it is the most famous. It is an ideal gift not only for fans, but also for men who appreciate high quality and original fragrances that last a long time.

David Beckham Aromatic Greens

The collaboration includes several types of fragrances:

- aromatic, aquatic Infinite Aqua; 

- green and woody Aromatic Greens;

- the woody-oriental Refined Woods.

3. Giorgio Armani Black Code

Armani Black CodeThe most original perfume for a man? It is undoubtedly Black Code by Giorgio Armani, a refreshing and appealing fragrance, for many inextricably associated with the sun and vacations. Oriental male fragrance. This is a men's perfume that seduces.

4. Obsession for men Calvin Klein Night

Calvin Klein Obssesion NightObsession for men Calvin Klein is another original men's perfume that can make a great gift idea for a man. They have been on the market for more than 30 years and are still very popular. It is the perfect combination of warm and sweet tones with aromatic, heavier accords.

5. Pour Homme Versace

Versace Pour Homme

Pour Homme Versace is a classic and very well-known perfume, fresh and extremely aromatic. In the fragrance, the citrus aroma is clearly noticeable. This is one of the most versatile compositions that are currently on the market. It will certainly appeal to many men who appreciate classics and versatility in fragrances, which will also work well during the day, as well as during an evening out.

6. Toy Boy Moschino 

Moschino Toy Boy

Toy Boy Moschino is a perfume that is distinguished not only by its original fragrance, but most importantly by its original flacon in the shape of a teddy bear, which in itself is an internative gift option. This is one of the most complex fragrances, so it can smell completely different on everyone. It combines juicy floral notes with spicy and musky aromas.

7. London for Men Burberry

Burberry London

London for Men Burberry is a perfume whose creation was inspired by English style. The checkered flacon looks very aesthetically pleasing, it will look great on the shelf. The fragrance is very diverse, combining the aroma of warming cinnamon and tobacco along with the fruit of bergamot. This is a perfume perfectly suited to elegant men occupying serious positions.

How to match the fragrance with the character of a man?

Perhaps not everyone knows, but personality largely translates into liking fragrances. Therefore, when choosing a perfume for a man, one should be guided by the characteristics of a particular person - after all, it is the person who is supposed to be, by definition, satisfied with the gift he will receive. 

Men who are active and like to be the center of attention like strong and intense perfumes that are distinct enough to be felt really from a considerable distance. Temperamental men like woody, musky, oriental notes. For calm and subdued men, softer fragrances, more refreshing with fruity or floral and woody aromas will be better. 

What to choose for an elegant man, familiar with the world? In this case, universal and timeless fragrances, classic and well-known for many years, will work well. In the search for a gift for young men, it is worth betting on modernity. An interesting choice here will be fragrances inspired by classic brands, which have been refreshed many years after their introduction to the market.

Is perfume definitely a good gift idea?

Many people, when looking for a gift for a close male friend, wonder whether the choice of perfume will be a good solution. After all, this is a special gift that, in order to please, must perfectly suit the tastes of the recipient.

Perfume is actually a very good gift for any important occasion, whether it's Christmas, a birthday, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or an anniversary. However, it is worth approaching the selection of such a gift with great care and after thinking about several important issues. These should concern not only the personality of the man to be gifted, but also his fragrance preferences. The most important thing is that the perfume should be long-lasting and of the highest quality.

The safest purchase for a gift for a man are classic and well-known for years perfumes from respected manufacturers. In addition, they are often placed in aesthetically pleasing, flacons, perfectly suitable for a gift.

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