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Women's Perfume Ranking - The Most Beautiful Fragrances for Women, TOP 10 Perfumes for Her

Women's Perfume Ranking - The Most Beautiful Fragrances for Women, TOP 10 Perfumes for Her

Perfume Ranking For Women 2023

Perfumes differ like human characters. Seemingly similar to each other, but when we look inside and get to know better, it turns out to be just the opposite. Some are more popular, others less, each of us has its own ranking of women's perfumes. How to choose a new fragrance for yourself?

Best Women's Perfume TOP 10:

1. Women's Perfume Chanel No 5

Najpiękniejsze perfumy damskie ranking

2. Women's Perfume Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Najseksowniejsze perfumy damskie

3. Women's Perfume Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Perfumy damskie które długo pachną

4. Women's Perfume Giorgio Armani Si

Armani Si

5. Women's Perfume Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Carolina Herrera

6. Women's Perfume Christian Dior Dolce Vita

Najładniejsze perfumy damskie według mężczyzn

7. Women's Perfume Coco Chanel Mademoiselle 

Perfumy Damskie Coco Chanel

8. Women's Perfume Versace Bright Crystal

Perfumy Damskie Versace

9.  Women's Perfume Thierry Mugler Angel

Perfumy Thierry Mugler Angel

10. Women's Perfume Gucci Bloom

Perfumy damskie, które uwodzą

Here are our Top 10 women's perfumes, while which of these rankings is ultimately chosen is up to the buyer's fragrance preferences.

What are the best perfumes for women?

When we come to a perfumery, the salesperson asks us about our favorite fragrances. If we don't have a favorite set, or if we want to try something new, then we need to narrow the search spectrum a bit and concretize our tastes. Sometimes it is enough to say that I like sweet scents, vanilla, rose, or slightly sour and refreshing ones like lemongrass, basil or lime. We will then be given several types to smell and then have time to decide if it is indeed the scent for us.

As a rule, however, it is not easy for us to decide, and actually quite rightly so. This is because each fragrance composition is three main notes that can smell completely different over time. So it is best to try perfumes for women on our own skin, stay with them all day, and then it will certainly be easier for us to make a choice.

The most important notes, that is, it's not just the first impression that counts

The first note is the head note. It is the one we smell in the perfumery on the sprayed strip. The ranking shows that these are mostly pleasant floral and fruity scents such as blackberry, plum, orange, orchid, bergamot or lemongrass, which we associate with homemade cake, warmth, pleasure, joy, as well as freshness and energy. This is what we look for in a favorite fragrance. 

The heart note is sensed about 10 minutes after spraying the body. It lasts on the skin for about a couple of hours or much shorter - if we purchase a perfume of inferior quality. It usually consists of floral and spicy aromas, slightly heavier than the head note. It can be sandalwood, tea wood, rose wood, apple, cinnamon, vanilla or patchouli. 

The base note is where the composition of the fragrance begins. It lasts the longest on the skin and, although it is not strongly perceptible, it is the background for the entire composition. Here you will find intense herbs, spices and even animal notes.

What do the best women's perfumes smell like? - Not everyone knows this

The perfume ranking shows that favorite scents are not just flowers or fruits. They can just as well be completely different aromas from completely unreliable sources. Such examples are animal secretions like musk, ambergris or castoreum. Unfortunately, these are very expensive ingredients and most often chemical substitutes are used in cheaper perfumes. 

A separate but also numerous group is formed by fragrances derived from beverages, including alcoholic beverages. This can be the popular Coca-Cola, Margarita, Whiskey, Mojito or rum, beer and even absinthe or ordinary vodka. 

In our favorite fragrance we can also find the smell of mushrooms, mosses, roots, as well as favorite sweets like chocolate, caramel, nougat or creme brulee. A very large part is made up of spices that we use every day in the kitchen, such as allspice, pepper, bay leaf and spicy coriander.

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