How to use and where to apply perfume?

How to use and where to apply perfume?

The right perfume fragrance is one that suits the person "wearing" it. It should harmonize with her temperament, style, character and personality. For this reason, choosing the right perfume is not at all easy, but it is worth putting effort into this activity. Once we find a fragrance that is perfect for us, we often wonder what to do to make it stay on our skin for as long as possible. So how should we properly "present" the scent of our perfume? 

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Where to apply the perfume?

Perfume manufacturers are outdoing themselves in inventing newer and newer fragrance compositions, thanks to which the wide range of products makes it possible for everyone to successfully find something for themselves. In perfumeries we can meet flacons with a myriad of different fragrances - from light, refreshing, through sweet and powdery, to spicy and oriental.

When choosing, it is worth bearing in mind that not everyone will smell the same perfume. All due to the fact that they mix with our individual scent and create a unique combination. Each of us has our own scent, but, interestingly, it is not the same in every place on our body.

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Where is the best place to apply perfume?

Let's look for the places that are warmest on our body. These will be the so-called pulse points, that is, the places where our heart rate is most palpable. We will find them on our neck, in places near our ears, on our wrists and in the bend of our elbows. 

Thanks to the very good blood supply to these areas and their higher temperature, our perfumes react very strongly with our skin. Consequently, they smell the strongest, and the scent itself lasts much longer.

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How to apply perfume?

Just knowing where to apply perfume is only half the battle. Equally important is how we do it and how much perfume we apply. Interestingly, it is best if we use the perfume even before we get dressed, on clean skin that is free of any cosmetics. Let's be careful, because not everyone realizes that some materials are exposed to perfumes. They can also cause discoloration on our clothing. This is another argument in favor of applying them directly to our body instead of our clothing.

In addition, it is in contact with the skin that the perfume we have chosen brings out a fragrance that is unique and original to us. It is also a mistake to spray a mist of perfume and go in. This is costly and causes a lot of wear and tear on the cosmetic. Some women practice dabbing their hair with perfume. Without a doubt, the scent on the hair will last a long time, but even the shampoo with which we wash our hair has its own scent, which remains on the hair. Consequently, cosmetics can react with each other and the scent of perfume will not be strongly noticeable.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

How to apply men's perfume?

Whether men should apply fragrance in the same way as ladies? The technique of using perfume on the hottest spots on our body is useful and effective for both men and women. It is a method that guarantees us an intense scent and, in addition, a long-lasting one. 

Unfortunately, men make a mistake much more often than women with the amount of perfume they put on themselves. Very often they use too much of them. Importantly, using too little is also not recommended. Properly applied men's perfume should be smelled by those around them and by the person who "wears" it. However, it is better to use too little of them than to overdo it, which can be uncomfortable due to an overly suffocating smell.

It is important that the fragrance of the perfume gently envelops and does not dominate other scents that can be smelled in the room. Of course, if you use eau de toilette, you can afford more puffs, as it is definitely less intense in smell. Also, gentlemen should apply perfume directly to the skin, and not on clothing. This is not advisable, because of the risk of discoloration and staining.

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