Najlepsze słodkie perfumy damskie

Najlepsze słodkie perfumy damskie

Every woman who owns a perfume knows very well that they can perfectly emphasize the character and significantly enhance every moment. Individual fragrances have the fact that they suit different occasions and each person in their own way. The great advantage of sweet perfumes is that they fit perfectly for any season as well as any occasion.

1They can be worn for a date, a party and easily for everyday use. Their aroma provides a very pleasant experience, is very feminine and lasts a long time. And all this is due to specially selected chords. Each of them plays its own separate role, and at the same time they form together a perfect composition.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Appropriate fragrance notes

In order to obtain surprisingly aromatic compositions that will appeal to a woman's taste, it is necessary to select the right ingredients from a wide range of oils, found in each fragrance group. Sweet women's perfumes have in their bouquet specially selected accords that are sure to delight any woman (and not only).

This type of perfume includes such accords as, for example, chocolate, vanilla, musk or even pralines. Thanks to a special extraction of the fragrance from a given ingredient, a very fragrant oil is extracted, which finally ends up in the flacon of our favorite perfume. It appears in the composition together with other chords, creating a very harmonized whole.Black opium

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Head note, heart note, base note...

There is a main division of perfume chords. This is the so-called fragrance pyramid, consisting of three notes. Thus, we are able to determine exactly what a perfume composition consists of. However, the fragrance pyramid also serves an additional function. For each scent from a particular group is experienced at different times and with different longevity. The first is the head note, surprisingly fresh and light. This is our first olfactory impression, immediately after spraying the perfume.

The scent we feel at this point is extremely intense, but also fleeting at the same time. Sweet women's perfumes are characterized by fruity motifs, designed to enchant us with their fragrance. The first note introduces us to the next, encouraging us with its chords. Next is the heart note, the so-called depth note. It lasts much longer on the skin and contains heavier chords. In the case of sweet perfumes there are often floral notes, intended to deepen the aroma of the whole.

The last note is the base note, conditioning which fragrance lasts long on the skin. At this point there are heavier accords. Vanilla or patchouli prevails in sweet perfumes. It is thanks to these types of chords that the smell of sweet perfumes can last up to a dozen hours on the skin.

Dior Hypnotic Poison

Dior Hypnotic Poison

No matter whether it's modern or classic fragrances one thing is certain - sweet perfumes win the hearts of women. Thanks to the wide range of available perfumes, each of you can choose at will until you finally find the right perfume for you. They will accompany you every day and on holidays, delighting not only the owner of the fragrance, but also those around her with their sweet accords.

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