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Marcel Rochas was just 22 years old when he left a career in law to open his own design house in 1925. Although he had no prior experience in clothing design, his innate gift for forms and colors quickly made him a sought-after designer in the world of French fashion.

Rochas was best known for his innovative designs that emphasized the female silhouette. The famous designer was also the first to sew pockets into skirts and create two-thirds length coats.

Rochas Perfume

In 1934, the Rochas design house added three fragrances to its line: Audace, Avenue Matignon and Air Jeune. Although all three were withdrawn from the market during World War II, the company made a comeback in 1943 with the classic Femme Rochas fragrance for women. In 1989, the company transformed the deep, warm fragrance into a lighter, more contemporary one.

After his death in 1955, his wife, Helene, successfully ran the company until its sale in 1971. After changing ownership several times, the Rochas design house continues to be a major contender in the global fragrance market. The company offers more than 40 fragrances for men and women. 

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