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Masaki Matsushima perfume

Masaki Matsushima began his career as a fashion designer by founding his own brand in 1992. It wasn't until 2000 that Matsushima turned to fragrances, releasing his iconic 'Mat' line in 2001. Over the following years, Matsushima continued to innovate his timeless creations, combining traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern concepts and innovations.

Matsushima went on to study design at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Japan. During this time, he studied alongside renowned design pioneers, gaining experience with the famous Issey Miyake. After graduating, Matsushima debuted his first fashion collection in Paris. His garments drew on his Japanese heritage, with colours, patterns and fabrics as a starting point to introduce new concepts and design elements that incorporated a unique world view.

After almost a decade of successful fashion lines, Matsushima took his design house into the world of fragrances. His debut fragrances, Mat Pink and Mat Blue, focused on a clear division between men and women, highlighting scents that spoke to the uniqueness of each gender.

Masaki Matsushima is also a Unisex perfume

Since its initial debut, Matsushima has expanded the Mat line to include other fragrances that further explore the differences between common perceptions of men's and women's fragrances. Fragrances in the line include 2003's Mat Le Rouge and 2004's Mat Very Male. In 2005, Matsushima also launched a new unisex perfume line known as M by Masaki Matsushima. All of his lines are characterised by distinct flacon designs that convey the overall tone and focus of the fragrance.

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