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Lalique perfumes - a global brand that combines luxury art and fragrance

Marie - Claude Lalique launched the brand's first perfume in 1992. More specifically, however, the legendary relationship between Lalique and perfume began much earlier, namely thanks to the talent and ingenuity of her grandfather René.

René Lalique actually wanted to become a jewellery designer, so the northern Frenchman, born in 1860, first trained as a jeweller so that he could sell his designs as an independent artist. His jewellery was in demand: he combined his motifs, flora, fauna and femininity with the Art Nouveau flavour of the time and applied this with non-precious materials that met the then emerging demand for beautiful things for everyone.

Even this success was not enough for René Lalique, he looked for other ways to beautify homes with the objects he designed. He found what he was looking for in 1907, when he met perfumer and businessman François Coty. He designed and produced flacons for him, but also revolutionised the perfume product. The flacons were meant to reflect the fragrances they held, while also serving as a visual element. Initially, René Lalique produced exclusively for François Coty, but soon supplied other perfume manufacturers with his small glass works of art.

René Lalique's creative urge continued. By now completely absorbed in glass material, he expanded his company's portfolio to include monumental glass art, sacred art and table glass art. After René's death in 1945, his son Marc took over the thriving company, which he refocused once again. This time, the greater refraction of the material crystal glass was used, so Marc Lalique specialised in production on this material without neglecting perfume flacons.

Thus, it was the founder's son who designed probably the most famous flacon from the house of Lalique: 'L'Air du Temps', whose gently curved flacon with two pigeons as a stopper to the flacon represented peace after the Second World War.

In 1977, after Marc Lalique's death, the company was taken over by his daughter Marie-Claude, who also focused on renewal and diversification to meet mass tastes. And under her leadership, for the first time, the Lalique name appears not only as a packaging manufacturer, but also as a content manufacturer. Today's company infallibly caters to the tastes of the present with its outstanding products.

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