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Kenzo brand history

The House of Kenzo was founded as Jungle Jap in 1970, a fashion boutique located in Paris in the Galleria Vivienne. It was there that founder Takada Kenzo introduced his first perfume, King Kong, in 1978. Takada was not in the perfume business at the time, but the King Kong line shows his long-standing interest in the world of perfume.

Takada attended Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo as one of the few male representatives. He moved from the cherry blossom country to France in 1964 and sold women's fashion as part of Jungle Jap. He is known for introducing Japanese fashion to the world and incorporating traditional Japanese designs, elements of nature and cultural diversity.

Kenzo perfume

The Kenzo name was established in 1976 as a fashion house based in Paris. Kenzo's perfume division, called Kenzo Parfums, was established in 1987 and the fashion house Kenzo for Women in 1988. It released many other fragrances for both sexes, including Flower by Kenzo, a perfume that cemented the company's position in the global perfume market.

Kenzo launched its first men's collection in 1983, followed by home and children's lines in 1987. He joined the LVMH Group in 1993, but retired in 1999. Since then, however, he has been actively involved in furniture and interior decoration.

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