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What are Juicy Couture perfumes like?

Juicy Couture fragrances are fun, carefree and youthful. Many Juicy Couture perfumes are fruity or sweet, with beautifully composed notes that take everyone on a unique journey. Juicy Couture perfumes work well for any occasion, but especially for those that aim for spontaneity and carefree fun.

The first Juicy Couture perfume was created in 2007 and there are now many Juicy Couture fragrances available. We warn you that once you've tried one of them, you'll probably want to build a collection of this addictive brand. There are few fragrance brands with a personality like Juicy Couture. Carefree and always up for an adventure, these fruity, floral fragrances are bursting with delicious blends that every woman will love.

An exclusive brand full of carefree charm, Juicy Couture's original perfumes are an easy choice for daytime get-togethers or nighttime parties, for when you need to feel really special. Choose the best Juicy Couture perfume for you, and make others look at you!

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