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History of the Jimmy Choo perfume brand

One of the most famous shoe designers, Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1948. His father was a shoemaker and wanted little Jimmy to follow in his footsteps. At the age of 11 he created his first pair of shoes, they were leather slippers for his mother. He left to study at the University of London, passing with honours. He stayed there for a total of eight years, honing his skills.

With financial help from his parents, he started his own business in 1986 in Hackney, where he produced, promoted and sold his footwear for two years. Choo's big breakthrough came in 1988 when Vogue spotted his designs during London Fashion Week. Journalists were so impressed that they gave Choo an eight-page fashion spread. This bit of international publicity was a milestone for the Jimmy Choo brand. 

He suddenly went from having a handful of customers to making shoes around the clock to keep up with demand. There was no more famous customer than Princess Diana, who wore Jimmy Choo shoes at almost every public appearance. Vogue editor Tamara Mellon was a big fan of Choo and it was she who convinced him to expand from a single, bespoke shop where he made everything, to a shoe line available to everyone. 

Together they went into business, forming Jimmy Choo Ltd. and together with an Italian company, mass-produced Jimmy Choo designs. These were sold in the first Jimmy Choo shop in London in 1996-97 In the late 1990s, Choo opened boutiques in Beverly Hills and New York In the new millennium, Jimmy Choo transformed itself into a high-end fashion house that expanded into handbags, accessories and perfume.

The best Jimmy Choo perfumes

Jimmy Choo offers perfumes for both women and men. They come in a uniquely and beautifully designed glass bottle. The rich fragrance makes you feel fresh and confident to continue your day. However, choosing the perfect fragrance that suits your preferences is a personal journey. Finding the right fragrance can be difficult when there is a wide collection of scents on the market. Popular women's perfumes include Jimmy Choo Blossom, Fever and Flash and the most popular men's fragrance is Jimmy Choo Man and Jimmy Choo Man Blue.

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