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History of the Jil Sander perfume brand

The Sander fashion house was founded when Jil Sander opened her first boutique at the age of 24 in Hamburg, Germany. Jil Sander was born in 1943 and is known as a minimalist fashion designer. She graduated with a degree in textile design in 1963, after which she worked briefly for a well-known women's magazine.

When she opened her first shop, she sold fashion by other designers, including Sonia Rykiel and Thierry Mugler, but eventually succeeded in launching her own fashion items. Her first clothing line debuted in 1973 and she founded the Jil Sander fashion house in 1978.

Jil Sander perfume

The brand produced its first fragrances, including Pure Woman and Pure Man in 1979. Her brand gained a loyal following with its performance cuts and high-quality fabrics to match any ensemble. It was a far cry from the fashion of the 1980s, and the brand reached its peak of popularity in the 1990s. Its company debuted on Wall Street in 1989, which gave it access to international markets while venturing into men's fashion. 

Is Jil Sander a luxury brand?

The Jil Sander brand is the epitome of modernity and sophistication. Its unconditional commitment to design combines elegance and purity with innovative materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

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