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Jesus Del Pozo Perfume

Jesús del Pozo was born in Madrid, Spain in 1946 and died in the same city in 2011, leaving behind a colourful legacy of fashion design, perfume creation and inspiration for young people in his country. He is a master of flare and fun. Exploring mystery, tackling uncharted territory, each perfume is infused with the creative spirit of this Spanish designer. 

Duende, the debut fragrance from Jesus del Pozo, is an ethereal scent that boasts an airy blend of aquatic florals. For men, Jesus del Pozo offers Quasar, a fresh eau de toilette that boldly enters the world of fruits and herbs. Halloween, Jesus del Pozo's most popular perfume, casts its magic. Blowing up with sophisticated sweet florals, Halloween and its flankers, such as Halloween Sun and Halloween Water Lily, are pleasing the crowds.

Jesus Del Pozo created its perfumes by collaborating with prominent perfumers such as Hamid Merati-Kashani, Violaine David, Pierre Wargnye, Francis Kurkdjian, Marie Salamagne, Christine Nagel, Jean Christophe Herault, Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Cresp, Max Gavarry, Alberto Morillas and Christopher Kazarka.

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