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Eisenberg Perfume and Cosmetics

We invite you to discover the magic of the Eisenberg perfume brand, a French manufacturer that perfectly combines art and beauty. The range includes unique perfumes and cosmetics, freed from gender and skin type restrictions. Discover unique perfumes and products that enrich your daily care and highlight your unique personality.

The Eisenberg brand reflects a love of art, which is the legacy of founder José Eisenberg. His inspiration came from the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany and Florence, where he moved in his youth. From an early age, he shaped his passion for fashion and the beauty industry. His incredible achievements include the creation of the pioneering artificial eye recognition technology in the 1970s and the founding of two innovative companies in the United States working in artificial intelligence and computer technology.

The adventure of creating superior products began in 1985, when José Eisenberg founded a research laboratory to fill a gap in the market for transparent cosmetics. Through more than a decade of intensive research and experimentation, he created the Eisenberg brand, launching the revolutionary Trio-Molecular® formula. This extraordinary combination of ingredients underpins perfumes and cosmetics, giving them a unique character and exceptional care properties.

The L'Art du Parfum perfume collection and the iconic J'ose fragrance are proof of the harmonious relationship between art and beauty products. Eisenberg women's and men's perfumes are unique and inspiring, a dedication to innovation and creativity.

Today, the Eisenberg brand is a symbol of excellence in the beauty industry, redefining the concept of beauty by combining art, science and transparency. Trio-Molecular® is at the heart of the Eisenberg brand, and perfumes and cosmetics are created to enhance individuality and inspire you to stay beautiful at all times.

Come and discover a range of exceptional perfumes and cosmetics for an unforgettable beauty and skincare experience. Join the Eisenberg family and discover the power of art in every drop of exceptional perfume!

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