List of products by brand DKNY

DKNY perfumes are appreciated all over the world. The popular brand was created by designer Donna Karan in 1988. In its early days, the company created only clothing lines, but in the following years it expanded its business.

DKNY perfumes have been delighting for years

Donna Karan is the designer and creator of the DKNY brand. It is from her initials that the first two letters of the name are derived: DK. The next two are linked to New York, which is not only the company's headquarters but also the city that symbolises the products. According to the founder of DKNY herself, she associates New York with a place where one can make one's dreams come true, and this is what her perfumes are meant to be: allowing one to reach for the stars. As satisfied users and users of DKNY perfumes all over the world point out - the designer has succeeded 100%.

What are the characteristics of DKNY perfumes?

It is a perfume line inspired by New York: a city that is famous for its energy and unpredictability. If you are a woman who appreciates spontaneity and can make decisions on the spur of the moment, plus wants to achieve as much as possible in your life - this women's perfume is for you.

You can find DKNY perfumes with slightly softer, floral and romantic notes, as well as intense, energetic scents. The former include DKNY Pure, when it comes to stimulating fragrances - be sure to check out DKNY Be Delicious. The brand's perfumes are also available in men's editions, allowing you to create fragrance sets for couples.

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