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Davidoff perfumes stand for high quality and exceptional attention to detail, qualities that characterise the Davidoff brand. Its perfumes are the creation of Zin Davidoff, a well-known gentleman, hedonist and adventurer who knew exactly how to live life to the full. 

How did the Davidoff perfume brand come about?

The Davidoff company began as a small shop that sold tobacco products. It was founded by Zina Davidoff, who was considered a master of the art of living. This exceptional man travelled almost all over the world, and every day was an incredible adventure and a huge challenge for him. He was well-liked for his love of sharing his life's joy and creativity with others. For Zina Davidoff, quality was always paramount, as evidenced by his unique perfume formulations.

The first of these, Davidoff Classic, appeared on the market in 1984. In the following years, further versions of the iconic fragrances followed. Today, this well-known and respected brand has dozens of offerings on the market.

Davidoff unique perfumes for men and women 

Davidoff perfumes are characterised by the fact that they exude an unmistakable character and always stimulate the motivation to live intensely. 

Davidoff perfumes include exceptional men's eau de toilette such as Davidoff Hot Water and Davidoff Game. The first of these fragrances is an aromatic blend of spicy notes. It was created with resin, basil, patchouli, allspice and incense. 

In contrast, the second offering is an interesting combination of bitter gin, tart berries and juniper. This unique blend is complemented by woody and floral aromas.

Davidoff women's perfumes, on the other hand, include Davidoff Cool Water, developed on the basis of various floral, vegetal and fruity scents. This unique blend contains pear, melon, pineapple, peach, water lily, jasmine, pink peony, quince and blackcurrant. After applying such a unique aroma, any woman can feel fresh all day long.

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