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Christina Aguilera perfume is a sweet and floral composition that has been enjoyed by women around the world for years. The perfume brand, which bears the name of the well-known American pop star, first appeared on the market in 2007 and since then has invariably delighted ladies who appreciate a strong, decisive fragrance that gives them confidence in any situation. 

Sensual and determined - that's what Christina Aguilera perfume is! 

Christina Aguilera perfume is a combination of sensuality and strong fragrance notes, including exotic fruits, tea, musk, vanilla and ambergris. It is a fragrance created for women who feel confident and determined, and who want to emphasise their femininity and beauty on a daily basis.

Among the many fragrances bearing the singer's name, you will find both daytime fragrances and more expressive perfumes for a night out. For the latter occasion, it is definitely worth reaching for an oriental or floral composition, which emphasises every woman's character and adds to her self-confidence.

Christina Aguilera perfume bottles

In addition to the original fragrance notes, the Christina Aguilera perfume is also distinguished by its ornate flacon, which evokes the sex appeal and temperament for which the artist is known. This definitely emphasises the strong character of the women's perfume, which should not be missing from the dressing table of every self-confident and determined woman who likes to tempt and attract men, and who makes no secret of the fact that she has a fiery temperament and knows what she expects from life.

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