List of products by brand Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a South American fashion house designer who launched her first perfume to the beauty market in 1988. Today, they are appreciated worldwide by thousands of men and women for their incredible freshness and unique fragrances. 

The richness of Carolina Herrera perfumes

The brand's perfumes are primarily dedicated to active people who demand to look impeccable at all times. Those for women contain essences of Bulgarian roses, oranges and many other flowers. This brand is familiar to all elegant women who appreciate woody and fruity compositions.

Carolina Herrera perfumes

Carolina Herrera perfumes are characterised by the fact that they stay fresh for a long time and allow you to find yourself in any situation. The richness of the compositions makes them uniquely fragrant and very long-lasting.

The extensive range also includes perfumes dedicated to men. Expressive and sharp fragrances strongly draw attention to themselves and bluntly emphasise masculine strength, courage and decisiveness. 

All perfumes for men exude incredible elegance, power and a hint of intriguing mystery. Original, energetic and magnetic, the fragrances perfectly capture the essence of today's fast-paced life and true masculinity in the big city. Carolina Herrera fragrances are synonymous with incredible elegance and classy living.

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