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Bruno Banani perfume is one of the youngest brands specialising in the production of unique and sensual perfumes. This German brand quickly gained popularity and today is recognised almost all over the world. 

How was the Bruno Banani perfume brand established? 

The company was founded in 1994 in Germany. Its founders were Wolfgang Jasser and Klaus Jungwickel. Since its inception, the company has been very popular with young people. 

In the beginning, the Bruno Banani brand stormed the market with great success with modern clothing and many, interesting accessories. In contrast, the first perfume appeared on the cosmetics market in 2001.

Bruno Banani perfume - ideal for young women and men 

Right from the very first fragrance, Bruno Banani perfume has been in the spotlight especially among young women and men. And no wonder, as the fragrances created are characterised by the fact that they are not only very elegant, but also very stylish, original and bold. A perfect example is the Bruno Banani Dangerous Woman fragrance for women.

Bruno Banani perfumes are dedicated to women have a unique scent and are perfectly suited to any situation. These original fragrances are encased in decorative flacons and are characterised by the fact that they are very elegant. They can add an incredible chic touch to any teenage girl who uses them. All the fragrances are extremely fresh and feminine and have a refreshing power. They combine not only flowers and fruits, but also top-quality wood notes.

The perfumes for men, on the other hand, are more expressive and have spicy scents. They are ideal for all bold and self-confident men, who know exactly what they want from life.

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