List of products by brand Bi-Es

Perfumy Bi Es is one of the biggest Polish fragrance brands, which boasts a large following not only in the domestic but also in the foreign market. The brand has been in business for more than two decades and can boast collaborations with many sensational perfumers from all over the world.

A wide and diverse range of Bi Es perfumes

The hallmarks of the Polish brand are not only the sensational Bi-Es perfumes, but also deodorants and women's eau de toilette. The company is constantly following the latest fragrance innovations in modern trends, so you can easily discover not only original, but also classic fragrance compositions. These days, the most popular fragrances are the captivating ones from the Blossom collection, which are dominated by floral, powdery and gourmand notes.

Bi Es offers perfumes not only for women, but also for men of all age ranges. Also noteworthy are the compositions of the Bi Es La Bella Vita series, which in turn are based not only on floral notes, but also on citrus and woody notes. For younger women, the Ready To Wear Collection series is reserved. Those who pay particular attention to ecology should check out the Bi Es Vegan Collection as soon as possible.

Versatile Bi Es perfumes for everyone

Interesting and unique fragrance compositions will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding and fussiest women. In the wide offer of the Polish cosmetic brand, there is no shortage of both fresh and also quite heavy, leathery compositions. All the blends described are, of course, enclosed in elegant bottles, which can also prove to be the best decoration for the dressing table. Bi Es perfumes are attractive and long-lasting women's fragrances at very favourable prices.

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