List of products by brand Azzaro

Azzaro perfume is a well-known brand that creates exceptional, original and unique fragrances. The perfumes on offer are aimed at all active, elegant and modern people. They are the perfect choice for both everyday wear and special occasions. 

Azzaro perfume - a French brand with tradition 

Azzaro was created by a man named Loris Azzaro, who moved to Paris as a young man. It was there that he fulfilled his most secret dreams. After all, he began working as a designer and after just a few years was able to enjoy incredible success. In 1967, the world heard about a new brand that is now very popular.

Initially, the brand specialised primarily in designing long and spectacular dresses in very vivid and bold colours. French artists and well-known models were drawn to these garments.  In 1975, the first fragrance under the Azzaro brand was created.

Azzaro Perfume - an incredible breath of freshness and joy. 

Azzaro cosmetics are a reference to the Mediterranean, joyful, sensual and passionate lifestyle that the brand's creator was no stranger to. Today, the brand boasts many original fragrances, dedicated to both men and women. 

The individual perfumes are encased in ornate flacons and are able to enchant, seduce and evoke memories of many happy moments. All the fragrances have a sensual freshness that always puts you in a great mood and spurs you on.

All Azzaro fragrances reflect a modern and luxurious lifestyle. Today, these original men's and women's fragrances are recognised almost worldwide.

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