List of products by brand Adidas

Adidas is the signature brand of the famous three stripes and is now recognised the world over. Among the many products on offer, Adidas perfumes, which exude sporting energy and incredible freshness, are still unflaggingly popular. 

Adidas - a brand known and appreciated for generations

Adidas was founded in 1924 in a Bavarian town in Germany. The brand's name comes from a combination of the first letters of the first name and the surname of one of the founding brothers, so Adi - Adolf, Das - Dassler.

Since its inception, the company has primarily been involved in the production of shoes and original sportswear. Admittedly, this range is still in demand today, but over time it has also been joined by perfumes, Adidas eau de toilette and high-quality cosmetics, which are dedicated to both men and women. 

Adidas perfume - the perfect fragrance for athletes

Adidas brand products are known and appreciated all over the world. Today, no sportsman can go unnoticed next to men's and women's perfumes, antiperspirants, deodorants and eau de toilette. The individual Adidas fragrances are an incredible emanation of sporting energy and freshness. Many of the fragrances contain citrus extracts, which are also spiced up with woody, herbal and sometimes sweet notes. Well-known Adidas men's perfumes include: Adidas Active Bodies, and Adidas Team Force.

Best Adidas Cosmetics

With their unique and original fragrances, Adidas cosmetics are today loved by thousands of women and men all over the world. They always provide an amazing breath of freshness and the unique fragrance lasts even after a whole, very intensive day.

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